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I’m a former magazine advertising executive turned entrepreneur. I’m also a weirdo. I see things through a different lens than your average online bear. Take business for example, I don’t view clients and customers as dollar signs acquired to fund my next vacation or as arm candy to feed my ego. I see them for who they are…mothers, daughters, little league coaches, apprehensive daters, marathoners in training, people with vision who sometimes need help realizing their goals. Selling isn’t a race to see who comes out on top. I believe it's an exercise in empathy, creating win-wins and an opportunity to create magic moments that bring visions to life. Can you imagine how cool it is to sell your course or service in a way that make people feel excited? As a corporate cog, I was a misfit. Nearly 20-years later and I still march to the beat of my own unicorn glitter drum parade. I believe that people come before profits. Honest conversations beat pitching. Simple approaches outlast shiny trends. While some see this as a flimsy practice, I see essentials. Because when people stick to their values, embrace their weird and combine solid strategy, they can’t lose. [more on how I got here]

There's More than One Way to Sell. Story is the Invisible Way.

(for tiny businesses that want to build tiny empires, without selling out)

Most tiny businesses struggle with sales and marketing. They struggle to write good copy, let alone copy that sells. They battle fear of getting on video without looking heavy and frizzy and, and. Once they muster the courage to hit record, they doubt what they do eventually say is right. They don’t want to write another how-to article (how many how-to’s are enough?). They’ve run out of ideas for what to share on social media (bulletproof coffee and outfit of the day, again?). And then there's selling. Nothing feels as invasive, prickly and downright nausea inducing like selling...except maybe surgery. Templates help but there’s still so many gaps to fill. They know that pictures and words sell but what pictures, what words?

You’ve heard the saying, facts tell stories sell? Have you also heard story isn’t a trend, it’s a strategy? Lately, story has been all the rage. Most tiny businesses have been taught to use story for an extra oomph in their marketing, for introductions, to drive a point home and to add some entertainment and intimacy to their presentations. All true.

But What If...

But what if I told you that figuring out what pictures or words to use, what switches to flip, what emotions to activate or what template to follow is a lot more difficult than choosing a story to tell. What if there was an approach that didn’t make you brain tired, didn’t require memorizing psychological mumbo jumbo and felt as familiar as a walk down memory lane? What if that approach was a time-honored, sure-thing, virtually invisible strategy that works in every industry from cars to courses?

Stories. Sell. Everything.

Imagine that for a second…

•your course sells out in under 48-hours because your entire launch was formed around story
•your service is booked for the next 3-months because the right story sealed the deal
•your DM is flooded with pretty-please-can-I-still-get-in requests, invites for interviews and collabs because a video story made a strong impact

"But Liz, I Don’t Have Stories to Tell And If I Did, I Wouldn’t Know Where To Start"

No worries. I got you.

Give Me 15-minutes and I'll Give you the Secret to Selling Invisibly 

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 (one time, I attended a story selling presentation and heard someone in the back row yell “I want it…give it to me already!” #StoryWorks)

"After finishing the course I wrote a short sales page - it gave me goose bumps - and I had a much better understanding for where my buyer is, how she feels and how to communicate better to her - I wrote it from a “standing in her shoes” perspective."

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