(without selling out)

I get it...

You struggle with sales and marketing.

You struggle to write good copy, let alone copy that consistently sells.

You're at a loss for what to talk about on video.

You've run out of ideas to share on social media.

Figuring out what to do next - and how to do it - is as intimidating as playing Sudoku with a pen.


Hi, my name is Liz: Storyteller, Brand & Marketing Strategist helping personal brands excel. 

Thirsty for adventure and doing work I was proud of, I left my cushy deluxe advertising executive suite to pursue my curiosity. I grew three businesses from scratch and today, nearly two decades later, I teach small personal brands how to do the same.
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I've spent the better part of 17-years swimming in the entrepreneurial waters working with tiny personal brands that want to build a sustainable, and original, brand.

A brand with a strong, distinct voice. A brand that markets and sells services and courses online (to the tune of up to 440% increases in sales). And a brand that doesn't compromise values, integrity or reputation.

My courses are award-winning and designed to support new start-up brands and brands that want to kick things up a few notches.


I believe every person has a brand worth building.

I believe marketing is the most creative outlet an entrepreneur can hope for.

I believe using story as strategy is the fastest, most powerful way to grow a new brand or breathe new life into an existing one.

And, I believe there’s no better time to quench your thirst and make your difference than right now.

"After finishing the course I wrote a short sales page - it gave me goose bumps - and I had a much better understanding for where my buyer is, how she feels and how to communicate better to her - I wrote it from a “standing in her shoes” perspective."

Cath Hakanson

Let’s Start Telling Your Stories:

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