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Writer, business woman, smarty  pants, and creator of business and mindset training, Liz Pabon is on a mission to help the lost, the dazed, the confused, and the “FFS, is this all there is?” of the world become happier in their work (and life) by learning to trust their instinct, create their own rules and embrace their weird on this magic carpet ride called The Internet.


Tradition. The status quo. Partners that command. Bosses that insist. Careers marked by boredom and apathy, that suck the bones dry and drain the soul of purpose and pleasure.

This is for the woman that takes a stand. Who wants…different work. Different motivation. Different ideas. A different life.

This is for the woman that dreams big. Who takes risks in pursuit of something better…different. Who believes she has the power to change her story, become the heroine of her own tale. Who, when all is said and done, chooses herself over lovers and losers. Who would rather pack a bag and boogie in an airstream trailer listening to Stevie Nicks and Beyonce, making pit stops in random small towns than live an ordinary, safe and unimaginative life void of adventure.

This is for the upbeat, the open-minded, the curious, the creative weirdos.

This is for you…for me…for us.





The idea you had to maybe start your own business.

Or maybe keep your day job and work a side business…

Or maybe quit, go back to school and move into your parents basement…

Or maybe keep your day job and pray for more patience, an office further away from, well everyone or that the company shuts down, gives you a one-year severance so you can figure stuff out…

(p.s., that last one…highly unlikely but I like the way you think)

Babe, the ideas will keep coming. But your unhappiness? Your frustration? Your tossing and turning night after night? That won’t change until you do something radical…

If we were hanging out at the bucks sipping our extra hot, double foam whatevers, I’d a) put a sleeve on that ish lest I blister and b) I’d share the biggest lesson I learned when I first felt the hard-to-ignore urges to go my own way and then again, many years later, when I had to start all over from scratch.

Start. Now.

You’ll have doubts. A gazillion questions. Your inner good girl will tell you 3,456,789 reasons you're not ready to begin. You’ll wait for the “right” time. Or for the moon and stars to line up. You’ll overthink it - people like us always do.

Start. Anyway!

Please, from one weirdly wonderful person to another, don’t allow your uncertainty over how you’ll make ends meet, or anxiety about other peoples expectations, or their judgement, their doubt (that’s almost always their stuff, not yours btw), their need to keep you crawling when all you want to do is fly, prevent you from going, from doing, from being the incredibly brave, creative soul you are.

I’ve gone from being a kid that grew up on food stamps, wearing hand-me-downs and cleaning houses for extra money to launching my third 6-figure business, from scratch. You can do this.

I’ve gone from having a high powered and high stress executive gig to working from the comfort of my home, doing work I love in yoga pants, a graphic tee with two wee dogs sitting in my lap. You can do this.

I’ve gone from dreaming of writing since I was 8-years old and fell in love with Nancy Drew, to now being a 3-time published author. My books aren’t best-sellers - that wasn’t my goal in writing them - but because of my writing women just like you have had best selling launches that 4x'd their sales goals in under 72-hours. You can do this.

The excuses? The reasons - good reasons - not to? The putting it off until? They’ll come. Daily.

Still, you must begin.


By believing in yourself. By taking a step every day, even a teeny tiny one. By reminding yourself that you were born for more. Lots more.

If I were granted three infinite wishes I’d share one with you and it would be this…

May you feel, touch and own the power that lies inside.

You were made for more than following orders and standing in the back row.


I pledge to be true to myself. To set goals and expectations that serve me, my mission and my work. To challenge the status quo. To use my hands, head and heart to organize the disorganized, change the rules, embrace the weird and lead with strong ethics. Although my knee caps may vibrate and my smile may twitch with fear, I vow to try anyway. I promise to no longer be awed by what others build and trust my creative expression...without asking for permission or compromising. I trust my intuition above all others, even when I’m not sure I know what I’m doing. I hereby swear to do the important work. I am a Ruckusologist and I use my voice to roar.


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