A Simple Switch You Can Make Today to Boost Sales

business Nov 19, 2018

What if we’ve had it all wrong?

What if the notion of building for know, like and trust - the benchmark for brand success - was only half right?

Or not right at all...

For at least the last 15-years every brand and marketing strategist worth his or her salt will feature the KLT anthem in their presentation.

It’s so commonplace, it’s become the proverbial duh! in the room.

But how can we continue to use concepts from 2003 in a 2018 (19 soon) world?

When our behavior has changed significantly thanks to smartphones and social platforms.

When we can choose from a rainbow bouquet of girl, lady and babe bosses.

When buyers (you and me included) have more control and power in the marketplace than our parents ever did.

Truth is, we can’t.

Like branding, audience targeting and marketing methods, the Know, Like and Trust factor has evolved - it had to in order to address buyer demands and the mindset of our people.

What’s it replaced with?

Know, Trust and Respect.

We’re still humans after all and knowing who we’re about to have show up on our credit card statement every month is a good thing - puts the soul at ease.

Trust has grown up though. Where once we needed to trust personal brands like we would a BFF, in today’s trust market we need to believe you have the chops - and the map - to take us on the magic carpet ride of our dreams.

The “like” factor still works if your goal is to grow stats or sell guilty pleasures. In under 3-years, according to Forbes, Kylie Jenner has built a $900 million dollar empire selling beauty and yet many of her buyers practically apologize for their purchase.

But for those of us building a service-based business and the bank account that goes with, like is less important than respect.

Unlike a celebrity brand, people can like you, comment on every email and post, share your work and sing your praises and also *never buy*.

(If you’ve ever had what you thought was a raving fan buy from someone else - not you - then you know what I mean.)

Building for like can cost you sales. Building for respect on the other hand, creates buyers eager to pay you for all the things...all the time.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time you paid for coaching, consulting or took a course from someone you didn’t respect (maybe even hoped for their flavor of success)?

I rest my case.

Know, Trust and Respect.

As you’re putting together your marketing plans for 2019, focus on what your people need from you. What (and who) they need to know, how they want to feel and who they aspire to become.


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