Aligning Your Story with Your Buyers Story, Demonstrating Empathy & Positioning Yourself as a Trusted Ally Starts Here

As coaches, educators and norm changers, we’re always presented with two doors.

Door number one is the story we tell ourselves about the work we do. Our worth, our value our skill.

Door number two is the story our people tell themselves about their worth, their value and their skill.

It’s called conflict.

Every human has conflict - something they fight against...the villain that gets in the way of their dreams, desire and aspiration.

There are six universal kinds of conflict that your people face on their journey to change. Self vs. Self is one of them and it’s a big one.

Here’s the thing though...

It’s best to know what aspect of self they struggle with. It’s likely *not* the aspect you’re struggling with.

You’re further along the journey than they are which means that what you struggle with today isn’t on their radar...yet.

Vulnerability and giving people a peek into your heart, and what makes it tick, is all well and good but if your content & messaging strategy is to journal your way into people’s hearts and minds might I suggest an alternative...

Write to them, for them and about them. Align your self vs. self moments with theirs.

There’s a third door. The door of empathy. Once you go through it, the journey (and all your messaging and content) becomes about them, for them and in support of them.

Your people don’t want more information, they want more understanding.


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