“No story lives unless someone wants to listen.”

One of my favorite storytellers, JK Rowling, said this about works of fiction. The same applies to stories in business.

Most social media/content creation processes are designed for awareness. 5 categories, 9 categories or 12 all in pursuit of more eyeballs noticing we exist.

That’s a hard practice to keep up unless you have a big budget and lots of creative hands on deck.

Yesterday, a woman I know said “all this content creation has me exhausted.” I could relate.

Content, like story, has to matter to the people whose eyeballs we want on us if we ever hope to matter to them.

Anything less and we're content burnouts too weak to lift our cloaks of invisibility.

And the only way we can get our stuff to matter to them is to know what matters to them.

That requires knowing how they see the world. Their lens. Their context. Their worldview.

Because in 2019 building for awareness is as outdated as acid washed denim overalls and a Punky Brewster side-ponytail.

If we're not building for awareness, then what? Affinity. When we create content and tell stories that bond one person to another, guess what we get in exchange? Awareness.

There’s a major attention fliparoo that’s already been happening in the marketplace. I for one am hopping off the awareness train because frankly, that ish is making us prematurely grey.


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