First, They'll Call You Nuts. A Poem For Ruckus Raisers.

business personal Jan 17, 2019

First they'll ask you why...

And maybe call you nuts.

Later they'll ask you how you did it...

And praise you for your guts.

The trick is to ground yourself during the Why phase because doubt, judgment and criticism (from others and self) will chase after you like a dark figure in a dream.

Pull your cage even tighter. Hell, if you’ve gotta, let out a scream.

Your voice is more than an instrument to help change lives.

It’s your guide, your map, your agent to survive.

It knows what’s right even when everyone and everything tells you you’re wrong. Dig in. Get quiet so you can hear your inner song.

In moments like these don’t go along because the true voice within is the only one that matters.

From one cage rattler to’ve got moves like Jagger.


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