My Rx for a Scorching Case of the What If's

The “what if’s” are no joke.

What if I’m not good enough...

What if they laugh...

What if I lose...

What if I win...

What if I’m wrong...

What if it’s not possible for me...

I get it...starting is hard.

When I had to restart my business a few years back the what if’s had a stronghold on me.

It didn’t matter that I already grew two successful businesses.

It didn’t matter that I knew what to do, how to do it and when.

None of that mattered because what I didn’t know was...could I do it again?

Truth is, I was scared.

And as lame or trite as it may sound, there’s only one way to loosen fears grip on your future, your vision, your destiny...

You gotta say screw this!

Dig. Take a deep breath and start.

Start part-time.

Start whatever is smaller than part-time.

Start in your closet, at the kitchen table, in your bed, in your car, during your lunch hour, while you’re having your roots touched up, when you’re at your kids soccer game, in the waiting room, at the park, under a tree, under a bridge...

Just start because thinking about what could go wrong is self-inflicted torture.

The moment you start, your brain will only have once choice...focus on what’s right in front of me.

You CAN begin today.

You CAN learn new things.

You CAN become that person you visualize being...the independent, confident and sure one doing cool things in her life.


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