Overwork, Overdoing, Overdelivering, Overcommitting. Stop it All Ready! Really…Stop.

The curse of the “good girl” looks like giving too much, too often.

Being at other peoples beck and call, the last one to leave the party because you’re washing someone else' dishes.

Overdoing everything for fear of being irresponsible, getting it wrong, being bad, wondering who you would be without your good girl.

But you know what…

Somewhere deep within your safety of overthinking and overreaching is a wildness.

That yearning you have to run free, bare feet digging into the dirt until you become one with the earth…

…tangled hair flowing loose, crossing swords with the wind behind you.

That woman is the real you…

…the woman you work so hard to hide, to fence, to tame.

Behind every buttoned up, cautious good girl is the soul of a wild woman trying to claw her way out.

Set her free already.

Your good girl needs a damn break!

PS. Being a good girl does a real number on your self-esteem, your success and  motivation. Take it from this reformed good girl gone wild.


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