Perfectly Imperfect

lifestyle personal Sep 18, 2018

This photo isn’t perfect.

The lighting is off.

The vase is washed out.

And yet, I think it’s beautiful...

...the way the shadow from the blinds cascade against the wall.

I read a passage in a book once that said something about a handmade cup...

The cup was misshapen.

The texture, rough.

No way you’d want to drink out of it and yet...

It was beautiful, despite its perceived flaws.

It took the writers breath away.

How could she be so struck by such an imperfect thing and criticize her own work so harshly, she wondered.

I almost didn’t share this photo on Instagram - the land of presets and pretty poses.

But like that cup, this imperfect picture well, I can’t stop admiring the small details.

Maybe you’ve been sitting on or fiddling with, an idea, a course, an email trying to get it just right before you release it into the world?

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, not in the polish of a thing.

Maybe we need to rub the judgement out of our eyes...

Maybe you can take a step back - see the beauty in your creation, your idea, yourself, and set it free.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s perfect as it is...


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