2019: The Year I Commit to One, And Only One, Thing...

business personal Jan 17, 2019

I’m deep in 2019 planning, which is different (at least to me) than goal setting.

I don’t goal set. My goals change as often as my underpants.

But I do like to plan out what I’m doing and when...with lots of wiggle room because I can’t be tied to any track.

This morning, I started thinking about what I’ve left undone in 2018 and I realized something important...

I’ve had a boat load of distractions and disruptions. Life will always get in the way of plans, right?

As I flipped through the pages of my year I realized that “life” includes insignificant things, silly things that rob me of my focus and steal my joy.

Sometimes it’s other people and their agenda, other times it’s the kid in me that doesn’t want to adult anymore.

Either way, they pull me away from my great work...the work that feels like a mission...perhaps a purpose?

Like I said, I don’t do goals and I don’t do resolutions either. But in 2019, I have one mantra...”I’m doing great work and I cannot come down.”

If it doesn’t support my work, my mission, my hearts joy, I won’t be distracted...I won’t come down to soak in the uninspiring juices of perfectionism, comparison or people pleasing.

What won’t you come down for in 2019?


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