There's No Shame in Making Mistakes

business Oct 11, 2018

Mistakes happen - it’s one of those “sure things” in business.

The problem though, isn’t that mistakes happen. The problem is in not owning up to them when they do...

It’s embarrassing.

You wonder how you’ll be judged or criticized for your blunder.

Secretly, you hope the whole thing will sort itself without your intervening...and in your favor (it never does btw).

One time, I learned that a snarky auto generated affiliate email was sent - without our knowledge - when I started getting “how dare you” messages from our best partners.

It came out of nowhere!

And me...I was sick to my stomach fearing the worst and wondering how to best fix this mess.

I knew it was important to act quickly, figure out what happened and determine how we could prevent it from happening again.

Then came trying to explain what happened - and how we were preventing it from happening again - without pointing fingers or sounding like a victim.

My heart nearly leapt out of my chest when I pressed submit on that apology email.

A few people didn’t care - they wouldn’t listen to reason and blacklisted us.

Virtually everyone else applauded my team and me for quickly controlling the damage.

Like I said, random emails, broken links and unexplainable tech snafus will happen.

And when they do, your people will respect, appreciate and admire you for your courage to fess up, own up and carry on.


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