What if Your Insecurities Were a Good Thing?

business personal Oct 25, 2018

I used to think my insecurities were a weakness.

Until today...

When it dawned on me that those insecurities have kept me from becoming complacent.

It’s easy to think you’ve done it all or seen it all...especially when you’ve been in the same biz for a long time.

But because I always operate with a dash of uncertainty, I’m always on my toes.

Looking at the world - particularly the world of sales and marketing - through the eyes of a beginner.

I used to be embarrassed by this...someone with my background (and age) should surely take a stronger stand, right?

But here’s the thing...

Thanks to social media, our expectations, desires and needs have changed.

We don’t expect 2007 mindsets, approaches or smoke-and-mirror practices.

We expect real conversations, real connection and real answers.

We expect guides, teachers and councils that we can trust because they pay attention (you can’t get attention if you don’t give attention), not because they’re without flaws.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t work to transform insecurities into strength.

But what if...the thing you think is a weakness is a catalyst?

Even if you think this all sounds like a crockpot of mush, I hope you’ll think about it because we can work to “fix” our insecurities or we can leverage them to work in our favor...and just maybe, transform in the process.


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