I'm Liz Pabon

Tiny, creative businesses read my work and take my courses to learn strategic storytelling so they can build a brand (and sell all the things) online. From coaching and consulting to educational courses, hundreds of creatives have started, launched and scaled…with my help.

I’ve written a book, co-wrote two others, won a couple of awards, started three businesses and haven’t worn real pants in nearly a year. Obsessions include: Sephora, HomeGoods and Cherry Garcia ice-cream.

Three Things You Should Know
About Me Right Off the Bat...

I believe in promotion. Hype is as dated as shouting your brains out inside a trading pit. Promotion, done in a strategic, classy way, that’s what I teach.

I believe words have power. The power to make you believe in yourself, in others and in a better tomorrow. Stories make that possible.

I believe in bending. I’m not a fan of complaining or blaming. When the market or tech changes, we say a prayer, figure it out and bend.

The Market is as Crowded as a Black Friday Sale Checkout Line

You have lots to choose from in the expert
industry. Allow me to tell you a little about
who I am, where I've been and what I know…

16-years ago, it looked like I had it all.

Cushy executive office, an expense account and a daily pit of dread in my stomach because I knew my life had to amount to more than this…

Without a plan B hell, without a plan at all, I turned in my notice and walked away.

 What came next was an education material business, a brand agency, a coaching and mentoring service and lots and lots of writing (and enough failures along the way to land me a spot on the what were you thinking world record list).

Today, you’ll find me sitting cross-legged, in yoga pants, typing away on my laptop, surrounded by books, dogs and colored pens. #TheGoodLife

I’ve taken my advertising background, my love of storytelling, combined it with what I’ve learned having launched multiple online businesses and created an online training company.

Teaching Creative Bosses how to package, promote and sell their services and courses online (without selling out) isn’t just a job, it’s a mission.

I’ve made a living doing what I love for a hot little minute and know first hand what it’s like to:

• Charge into the newest, shiniest, trend so you can launch & scale quickly. The thing about trends is they’re not sustainable and create income gaps - one month you’re eating all organic, the next month you’re living on combo meals at Chic-fil-A.

• Want more financial independence so you can support yourself, your family, the causes you care about and still have time for an adventurous, fun-filled life! (you've got talent babe, don't let it go to waste).

• Crave doing work that has more meaning and feels like a calling. It’s what sweet dreams are made of and it’s the result of trusting your instinct, the brave unsure dreamer within and having a doable plan. #IGotYou

Content and courses that get you to think differently, that are rooted in fundamentals is how I can help you build a brand you can be proud of and a business that pays the bills (and pays it forward), without all the overwhelm.







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Strategy +
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This is my triple threat. My secret sauce. I’m a strategic, creative marketer & storyteller. I'm not a one-trick pony, nor someone who took a few classes and hung an "expert" shingle. I'm a seasoned professional who's passionate about making an overwhelming task, like marketing, simple because no one gets into business for themselves to work round-the-clock. I created 100 written-for-you, persuasive email subject lines - that are hard to ignore, by even the most jaded subscriber - to make marketing with email easier. Get your copy now.

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