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The 100 Email Subject Lines Rolodex is NOT for you if...

•You don’t own a desktop
•You believe email is dead
•You like to complain and blame
•You aren’t ready to grow
•You aren’t willing to try

But if you’re a multi-passionate creative who’s committed to her business, supporting her family, and her causes…

And you want to FINALLY stop hoping and praying that a big social media following will pay your rent, electricity and root touch ups and actually start growing an email list that you 100% control…

Then you’re in the right place at the absolute best time.

My name is Liz Pabon and I am a Story Marketing Strategist. In case we’ve never met before, I developed my storytelling chops working in the advertising industry.

100 Email Subject Lines Rolodex was created because I was sick & tired of watching people struggle to write good email copy. Instead of helping, the advice available to them was the equivalent of a cold and clammy handshake that did nothing to get more engagement. It was important to me that people knew writing emails wasn’t hard - they’re a lot like writing letters to a friend.


This is the pivotal point...

The moment where every heroine is faced
with her destiny. You’re presented with
three paths and can choose only one…

The path of safety.

You can do nothing, stalk gurus, big wigs and powerhouses hoping they’ll help you crack the code for writing subject lines that people can’t wait to open…but we both know that’s a losing (and time draining) game.

The path of struggle.

You can try solving this issue on your own, piecing together bits from other people’s emails…it might work…actually it will work a little better than what you’ve been doing…but something tells me “a little better” isn’t good enough for you…right?

The path of success.

You can download the 100 Email Subject Lines Rolodex and write your first email without forking over hundreds or thousands of dollars you don’t have for a copywriter or content manager and finally start growing your brand, your business and your community. 

In less than 5-minutes, you’ll have access to some of the most intriguing subject lines that tap on 8 persuasion buttons and are so good, people can’t help but open. Even if you have no subscribers, you get to begin.

The rolodex is FREE so there’s no risk…unless you count the risk of not starting, or the risk of being at the mercy of social media algorithms. Deep down, you know betting on yourself is the only choice that makes sense.

And I'm betting that you’ll choose your brand, your business and your future because the consequences of saying no to either isn’t an option…not anymore.

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