If You’ve Ever Wanted to Write a Headline So Good People Can’t Help But Say YES...



The Headlines that Persuade & Sell Template is NOT for you if...

•You’re a know-it-all
•You believe marketing is synonymous with lying
•You like to complain and blame
•You aren’t ready to make an offer
•You aren’t willing to invest 10-minutes

But if you’re a multi-passionate creative who’s determined to support her family, her passions and her causes…

And you want to FINALLY stop playing the hope for the best game and actually write headlines that are irresistible and that sell the things you create…

Then you’re in the right place at the absolute right time.



Hey, I'm Liz Pabon and I am a Story Marketing Strategist. In case we’ve never met before, I developed my storytelling chops working in the advertising industry.

I’ve had a hand on some of the biggest mega brand campaigns in the world - all leading with headlines that got people to drop what they were doing and pay attention.

I’ve helped hundreds of solo entrepreneurs go from struggling to grow their brand presence to getting a bigger base of loyal and repeat online buyers and they did it by opening their copy with a headline that was as intriguing as it was engaging.

I created the Headlines that Persuade & Sell Template because I was sick & tired of watching people struggle with writing good copy. Instead of helping, the advice available to them was meh and did little to get more eyeballs on their pages. It was important to me that creative bosses knew there was a paint-by-numbers way to make people want to read what they worked so hard to present.


This is the moment of truth, the fork in the road with three paths and only one choice…

Do what you've been doing.
You can do nothing, stalk other coaches, course creators and creatives hoping they’ll help you crack the code for writing headlines that stop people in their scrolling tracks…but we both know that’s a long walk off a short pier.

DIY your future.
You can try solving this issue on your own, piecing together bits from other people’s ads and web pages…it might work…actually it will work a little better than what you’ve been doing…but something tells me “a little better” isn’t good enough for you…right?

Let me lend you a hand.
You can access the Headlines that Persuade & Sell Template (with 13 formulas and 21 examples) and start writing headlines for your ads, web pages, and LIVE video notices without spending a penny on hiring a copywriter and finally start growing your brand, your business and your confidence. In less than 10-minutes, you’ll have one tell me more headline, even if writing is your kryptonite.

Deep down, you know there’s only one choice that makes any real sense especially since it’s FREE and your risk level is zero.

The choice is always yours and yours alone to make. I’m betting that you’ll choose your brand, your business and your future because the consequences of saying no to either isn’t an option…not anymore.

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