Want Words That Make People Wanna Give You Their Credit Card? 


Want Words That Make People Wanna Give You Their Credit Card?



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You’re here because you’d rather be the hottest recommendation on peoples lips, picking-and-choosing your clients, your students, your projects, your next vacation spot - and it shows.

You also know the woman you’ve been - the stressed, anxious, exhausted, confused and genuinely wanting to bite-someone’s-head-off woman - isn’t who you really are.

But for a variety of reasons you can’t seem to call her back.

Reasons Like:

You can work with me in a number of ways so you can start feeling like the confident, smart & sassy you - while making oodles of sales online.

I work with small businesses that want a fresh pair of eyes on their copywriting and those that prefer having someone else (like me) do all the writing for them.

The Process

Simplicity. A motto I live by. My writing process is no exception. After nearly 2 decades of experience in advertising, branding and online marketing, I've constructed a simple process to write copy that's individual, seductive and gets buyers to take action.

Introducing: The Influence 3-Way. Part personality (your voice), part persuasion (the science) and part behavior. The triple-threat for copy that influences, invisibly.

Whether we're tossing words around the page together or you've handed me your project on a tufted velvet cushion, this is the process all of your copy is filtered through.

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The Specifics

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What’s the turnaround time?

Depends. If we’re talking my eyes on your words, it could be as little as 1-day or as much as 5-days. If I'm writing for you, it’s at least 5-days and up to 14-days for your first draft. Revisions usually take 3-5 business days. As part of the intake process, we'll confirm deadlines on your end and mine.

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How soon can I book you?

Depends. Hey, there’s a pattern here. LOL. Truly though, if you need a coaching hour, give me 2-days. No matter my schedule, I’ll always do my best to accommodate you. For other services, I'll need 5-business days. The sooner you know your deadlines, the sooner we can get your project on my calendar.

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How do I know if we’re a good fit?

Poke around my website to get a feel for my writing style. I’m known for a personality-driven, conversational writing style that plucks at emotional harp strings (the stuff that get people to take action. aka, conversion). Having said that, I go to painstaking lengths to get a sense for and write in your voice.

If you like what you see, there are a few things you should know:

•I don’t do drama. That includes control-freaks. Period.

•If you’re super sensitive we might not be a match. I’m not a cuss-word slinger but I’m known for being direct.

•If I think you’re headed down a path that won’t support your marketing or sales goals, I’ll tell you. I’ll also present a direction that will make your Stripe account work overtime.

The Packages

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Coaching Hour $450

  • Good for brainstorming blog & social post ideas & unique angles
  • Good for brainstorming tagline concepts
  • Good for fleshing out your story direction


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Eyes & Edits $1250*

  • My eyes on your sales page
  • My eyes on your opt-in page
  • My eyes on your Home page
  • My eyes on your About page
  • My eyes on your email sequence

 *1-page + 1-hour phone review

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Lucrative Launch Bundle $13,500

  • Customized opt-in & thank you page
  • Customized sales page
  • 9-email sales sequence

(written by me & includes market research).

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Too rich for your blood?

Try my License to Thrill marketing message builder ($99). Everything you create with words - now and in the future - starts here. Click here for details.

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About design...

All deliverables are provided in Google Drive (that’ll be our hangout for the duration of your project). Any design or web page configuring is best done by a designer or web developer.

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What's Next?

Before we get on the phone, please fill out an INTAKE FORM so I can acquaint myself with your goals. After I've reviewed your details, I'll reach out via email with a link to my calendar.

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