For Words That Make People Wanna Give You Their Credit Card 



For Words That Make People Wanna Give
You Their
Credit Card 


You Know How...

You wanna be the hottest recommendation on peoples lips, picking-and-choosing your clients, your students, your projects, your next vacation spot (and why wouldn't you?!). You also know that lately? You've been feeling stressed, anxious, exhausted, confused and coming wayyy too close to slapping something together - just to get it done - and light a couple of Jo Malone candles for good luck. But you know better (plus, your time is limited and your reputation matters too damned much to wing it). That's where I come in...

The P3X Framework

Simplicity. A motto I live by. My writing process is no exception. After nearly 2 decades in advertising, branding and online marketing, I've constructed a simple process to write copy that's conversational, seductive and get buyers to take action (it's my triple threat formula for selling practically anything). Whether we're tossing words around the page together or you've handed me your project on a tufted velvet cushion, this is the process all of your copy is filtered through.

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Every brand has a distinct voice. My job? To loosen it up, strategically.

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It's the science of selling, getting clicks and new believers.

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If modern day Avatars are behavior maps (they are), this is the GPS.

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InstaSlam Session

For when you don't know what the eff to even do first - or next (on Instagram). After doing a gazillion of these coaching/strategy session, 1-hour is the perfect amount of time to get you focused, give you a practical plan and do it without pushing you over the edge of a pink filtered cliff. Includes:

  • Recorded video
  • Content positioning
  • Caption (copy) direction
  • No fluff advice
  • 3-month strategy roadmap


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Romancing the Site

My most popular copywriting package - for a website that feels like a first date you wish would never end. Includes:

  • Strategy jam session
  • Home page
  • About page
  • Services page
  • Opt-in page
  • Thank you page
  • Pop up box

4-week timeline


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Lit Launch!

For when you only have two arms, an overworked brain and you wanna make a BIG splash. Includes: 

  • Market research
  • Persona development
  • Opt-in page
  • Sales page
  • Thank you page (x2)
  • 9-part email sequence

INVESTMENT | $13,750
6-week minimum timeline


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The Q&A

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Let's Talk!

But before we hop on the phone, I'm gonna want to know a few things about you (you've peeked under my hood, now it's my turn). Please fill out the INTAKE FORM so I can acquaint myself with your goals. After I've reviewed your details, I'll reach out via email (usually within 48-PST-business hours) with a link to my calendar. EZ-PZ.


Market Your Expertise


Make this one change to fine tune your content marketing from pages of random brainstorming notes to strategic rocketship. Inside, I’ll show you how to turn every piece of content into marketing fuel. Enter your email to get the guide. Steps 2 & 3 are hot, hot, hot.

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