Describe Your Brand Voice in 5-Words...Go!

business Nov 03, 2018

I’ve written about voice before.

It’s crucial for good communication whether in person or online.

And yet, so many of the brands I work with struggle to find theirs.

So I thought, how can I make defining your voice, your brand voice specifically, simpler?

It was during a film making class that I had an aha moment…

The lesson was about how to keep your films direction from going off the rails when you have input and ideas coming from all angles; your team, your client, your mother.

As I was working on my notes I scribbled something in the margin “keep story and voice consistent.”

It didn’t come to me at the time but later, while reviewing those very notes that I thought maybe this could help brands get more clear on their voice and use it in a consistent manner, even if they hired someone to do all their writing.

So I tested it…

First on myself, then on a couple of my test subjects and the results were not only impressive, they were immediate.

Here’s some of the feedback, in no particular order, that I received:

  • It helped me understand myself better
  • I’m more clear in explaining why I do what I do
  • I don’t feel like I’m going in blind, I have a framework I can work within that makes my brand more clear
  • What an incredible filter to see myself through. I got to the point quickly - no more rambling!

Branding, like storytelling, is about shaping perceptions. And people pay attention to brands (and stories) because of the expectations they create.


When someone say’s Once Upon a Time, we expect a story with a beginning, a middle and a satisfying end. When someone say’s your brand name, they expect something too.  

How you define and express your brand voice is part of a perception you design which, over time and when shared consistently, creates an expectation about your brand.

The struggle for most brands is in defining and expressing that voice consistently. You have a purpose but don’t know how to articulate it intentionally so that people connect, care and remember your brand in a meaningful way.

The best way to create a brand, any brand, is to first know what you want to say about the brand. This simple but powerful 5-question exercise will help:

    1. What’s most inspiring about your work?
    2. What makes your work different?
    3. Who is your work for?
    4. How do you want them to feel?
    5. What do you want them to do?

For each question, jot down 20-30 adjectives.
Group those adjectives into similar categories.
From your groupings, choose the one word that best answers the question.
Group your five keywords together, and you’ll have a glimpse into your brand voice.

It’s a simple process.

I can  make it simpler though…

Take the Brand Voice Vibe Quiz and let me do all the heavy lifting.

Click the link below and in less than a minute, I’ll define and describe your brand voice for you.

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