What Comes First: Passion, Purpose or Hope?

personal Sep 07, 2018

One afternoon, nearly four years ago, I had all but given up on finding my place in this world.

It was a weird, challenging and difficult time. It was also like being in the order of the Phoenix because I had to burn up and figure out how to rise from the remains of my ashes.

I didn’t know it at the time but what made it harder than it needed to be was my lack of purpose. Without purpose, we’re directionless facades of who we once were and who we’ve yet to become...

It wasn’t until I was standing in my kitchen after circling - like a rat in a cage - for something to give me meaning that the idea for Story Marketing came to me.

Literally, it came to me like a 20% coupon from Ulta that magically shows up in your mailbox when you’re down to your last drop of eye makeup remover.

Story had always been a passion of mine but I never allowed it to be my main offer...it was mostly like contour and I sold a full makeover.

Sometimes you find your purpose and sometimes, purpose finds you. Either way, we need it in order to feel alive.

What I once treated as a gift-with-purchase in brand development (an add-on) is now my sole focus.

And speaking of soul, I’m grateful for my “special delivery” and don’t take for granted the power that purpose has to bring someone back from defeat.

I know a lot of people say screw purpose, find passion. In my experience though passion, if you really listen to it, will lead you to purpose.

So really, you can’t have one without the other...just like you can’t wear false lashes without glue...unless you’re into magnetic lashes but then that’s an entirely different conversation.


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